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  • Underwater Conventional and Unconventional… February 12, 2017

    Hydrocarbons under the Arctic and sub-Arctic seas have been known about for a long time. Gas and oil were found first in the northward extension of the Prudhoe Bay province and in the Canadian Arctic Islands. Those discoveries were followed by further finds in the Barents Sea, the Pacific to..

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  • Oil And Gas Recruitment… October 29, 2016

    Are you looking to get placed in the best oil and gas company? Well, you might don’t know, but there are lots of opportunities are waiting for you, but you are lost somewhere. Yes, most of the candidates due to wrong processes or recruitment agencies unable to join the best..

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  • Offshore Oil And Gas… October 29, 2016

    Oil and gas career means an amazing and secured career and you can’t imagine, but you can easily expect to get great salary working on the same domain. Yes, it is the best career opportunity and will give you everything you expect from your career and life. If you don’t..

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  • Oil and Gas Career… August 21, 2016

    Today we see a world-wide multi-billion dollar business affecting to a larger or smaller amount on nearly every facet of 21st Century life. As is always highlighted in the business and mainstream media, the sector plays a vital role in driving the international market. Petroleum is utilized as a source..

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  • Oil Employment August 20, 2016

    Trying to find oil rigs employment constantly feels like an important challenge even for somebody seasoned. The task facing new workers in the offshore gas and oil sector is specially mind-boggling. You've to look for oil rig job vacancies, compose your cover letters and curriculum vitae, and attend the interviews...

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